Suman Banerjee
Founder / CEO

Suman Banerjee is an experienced professional website developer since 2010, a computer geek, and the founder of three businesses – Anteomnio, Swamiji’s, and Englicist. He is also a digital marketer who provides innovative solutions to help businesses grow. Additionally, Suman runs a non-profit organization and gets involved in various social welfare activities. His passion for technology, creativity, and problem-solving makes him an ideal professional for any project. With a decade of experience in website development and digital marketing, Suman is a highly successful entrepreneur who is making a huge impact.

Samrat Mandal
Co-Founder / CMO

Samrat Mandal is a highly experienced and talented digital marketer, and co-founder of Anteomnio and Swamiji’s. He is also a skilled civil engineer, who has served as ex principal at various colleges across West Bengal and Arunachal Pradesh. Samrat has also served as the project head of various Government projects across Arunachal Pradesh. Samrat is an innovative and creative individual who is passionate about bringing his vast knowledge and experience to the digital marketing world. His combination of expertise in civil engineering and digital marketing makes him a valuable asset to our team.

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